Monday, May 4, 2015

The very first post

Hello everyone !
This is my first post on this blog and I hope you're going to enjoy my blog just much as I will. My name is Lucy and I am from Czech republic, but going to be an aupair in America very soon.
I love sport and healthy eating but I enjoy (quite much actually) eating chocolate♥ ! I would like to lose few pounds and get more fit.
I love music from One direction and 5SOS to Green day, Linkin Park or Robbie Williams.
In 2 weeks I'm going to finish my high school and I will finally have a time to fulfill my dreams.
I can't wait !


  1. jéé teším sa na články! veľmi ma baví čítať o živote ľuďí "od nás" odcestovaných, pracujúcich v zahraničí :)

  2. Welcome Lucy :) And thanks for your visit!
    Bj S

  3. Great first post! I'm excited to see more of your posts!


  4. I really, really love 5SOS ♥ It's my favourite group :).

    1. Odpověděla jsem Ti na můj blog, ale netuším, jestli si to přečteš :D... Takže ano, mám je moc ráda :). A se tedy máš, taky bych hned šla :D.

  5. This looks like it will become a wonderful blog!